Welcome to Romelegården

Romelegården is situated high on Romeleåsen with lovely air, babbling brooks and a private lake. All surrounded
by woodland and nature reserves.
Here is Romele Art Gallery where you can see art exhibitions throughout the summerperiod (March – Sept) with artists especially from the Nordic countries. Just near the lake is a residential building and an annex located. It is for rent for short or long periods (now rented longterm).


Next exhibition!

Juried Exhibition 2016  September 03-11.
184 artists delivered 5 pieces of art each.
73 were selected, list under “utställare”
Exhibitors info: Jurybedömd Utställning (Juried Exhibition)

Group Exhibitions Romele Konsthall with different techniques:   Bt= Mixed media  D= Diabase    F=Photo (photo, computer graphics etc.)   G=Glass    K= Pottery (stoneware, sculptures, appliances etc.)  M= Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphics, chalk etc.)   Si= Silver (jewelry, silverware etc.)  Sk=Sculptures Tx=Textile
Section TING: More artists