Art Exhibitions Romele Konsthall

Opening hours Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11-16 Wednesdays 16-19

Next exhibition:   Spring exhibition  30/3 – 8/4,  2018.     44 artists

Ahnborg Svensson Eva/M, Andersson Helena/K, Blomqvist Monika/M, Ekdahl Jonni/M, Ekespong Mirjam/M,  Engstad Carl-Axel/M, Eriksson Sten/K, Fureby Kristina/SI, Gyllenspetz Ulf/M, Hellberg Bo/SI, Höglund Anja/K, Jivenius Marika/M, Jönsson Gertie/M, Kellerman Gudrun/K+M, Kjelldorff Nils-Eric/SI, Kjaerkner Henrik/F, Klingsell Siv/M, Koch Dieter/M, Koponen Nina/M, Krantz Lars/M, Kruuse Jane/BT, Larsson Magnus/M, Lörd Kent/M, Moberg Arvedson Irene/K, Madsen Gritt/K+M, Madsen Kjeld/T, Mauermann Lisbeth/M, Millet Jean/M, Nordqvist Pia/M, Nordvall Frida/M, Norström Ditte/TX, Palmkvist Kerstin/M, Plato Peter/M, Pozna Meding Judit/M, Preobrazhenskaya Marina/M, Pålsson Madeleine/M+K, Rosengren Sara/M, Rosic Mischa/M, Rödin Lars/F, Strömquist Leif/M, Thelander Hjördis/M, Varas Jorge “Varilla” /M, Vinke Bodil/TX. (plus avd. TING)

Group Exhibitions Romele Konsthall with different techniques:   BT= Mixed media   (stone, iron, paper etc.)  F= Photo (photo, computer graphics etc.)   K = Pottery (stoneware, sculptures, appliances etc.)  M = Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphics, chalk etc.)   SI = Silver (jewelry, silverware etc.)   TX = Textile  T=Wooden sculptures

Entrance 30 : – for adults which includes art lottery ticket (children -15 years free) .Drive to Dörröd, located on route 102 between Veberöd and Skurup. Turn off at the signs Romelegården / Konsthall. Search URL : Dörröd 1042.

Exhibitors info: Jurybedömd Utställning (Juried Exhibition)


Spring exhibition 2018

30/3 – 8/4



Juried exhibition 2018

1/9 – 9/9


Spring exhibition 2019


Romelegårdens Art Club

Join Romelegårdens Art Club and you will receive a number of benefits, such as invitation to all exhibition openings, free admission to Romele Art Gallery and lots of opportunity to win artwork, 10 % discount on all artgoods and gift cards. The price for a membership per year is 280 SEK. Pay it now on Romelegårdens bankgiro 270-5341 and you will be invited to the next opening.

The contest “Guess and Win ” 2017

The weight of the bear made of glass was 2.362 g.  The margin to get in the final draw was + – 60 g  compared to the correct answer .

The winners are:
1. Anne Friberg, Stockholm
2. Fanny Malmström, Lund
3. Anders Lindblad, Malmö
4. Elsa Larsson, Malmö
5. Ingrid Olsson, Trelleborg

Gift ideas

Give a gift card for a special occasion. The card is valid for artpurchases in our exhibitions and other events. In addition, the card offers free admission for two people to our exhibitions for a whole year. As we involve about 130 artists and about 1,800 exhibited creations ( paintings, sculptures, ceramics, glass, wrought iron, tin, wooden handicrafts, textiles, jewelery, etc.) there is always something that appeals to every taste.

Art trips 2017/2018

Art trips to the major Danish art-museums Arken, Louisiana, Statens Museum for art,
Sophienholm and Ordrupgaard. Conducted by interest inquiry.