Art Exhibitions Romele Konsthall

Next: Spring Exhibition 30/3 – 8/4 2018.   44 artists 

Ahnborg Svensson Eva/M, Andersson Helena/K, Blomqvist Monika/M, Ekdahl Jonni/M, Ekespong Mirjam/M,  Engstad Carl-Axel/M, Eriksson Sten/K, Fureby Kristina/SI, Gyllenspetz Ulf/M, Hellberg Bo/SI, Höglund Anja/K, Jivenius Marika/M, Jönsson Gertie/M, Kellerman Gudrun/K+M, Kjelldorff Nils-Eric/SI, Kjaerkner Henrik/F, Klingsell Siv/M, Koch Dieter/M, Koponen Nina/M, Krantz Lars/M, Kruuse Jane/BT, Larsson Magnus/M, Lörd Kent/M, Moberg Arvedson Irene/K, Madsen Gritt/K+M, Madsen Kjeld/T, Mauermann Lisbeth/M, Millet Jean/M, Nordqvist Pia/M, Nordvall Frida/M, Norström Ditte/TX, Palmkvist Kerstin/M, Plato Peter/M, Pozna Meding Judit/M, Preobrazhenskaya Marina/M, Pålsson Madeleine/M+K, Rosengren Sara/M, Rosic Mischa/M, Rödin Lars/F, Strömquist Leif/M, Thelander Hjördis/M, Varas Jorge “Varilla” /M, Vinke Bodil/TX. (plus avd. TING)

Group Exhibitions Romele Konsthall with different techniques:   BT= Mixed media   (stone, iron, paper etc.)  F= Photo (photo, computer graphics etc.)   K = Pottery (stoneware, sculptures, appliances etc.)  M = Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphics, chalk etc.)   SI = Silver (jewelry, silverware etc.)   TX = Textile  T=Wooden sculptures

Opening hours Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11-16 Wednesdays 16-19 during exhibitions (Sept 3 -11)

Entrance 30 SEK for adults which includes art lottery ticket (children -15 years free). Drive to Dörröd, located on route 102 between Veberöd and Skurup. Turn off at the sign Romelegården / Konsthall. Search URL: Dörröd 1042.

Spring exhibition 2018
30/3 – 8/4





Juried exhibition 2018

1/9 – 9/9


Spring exhibition 2019



Do you want to exhibit?

Next exhibition is the Spring Exhibition 2018.

Interest inquiry:

We welcome expressions of interest for future exhibitions 2018.
Write a little about yourself and attach some photos of your
work. Send your inquiry to Romelegården, Dörröd 1041, 247 96 Veberöd, Sweden
or by email: info@romelegarden.com   You can attach some pictures as jpg files.
If you send or deliver artworks (5) for the juried exhibition no notification is needed
in advance, see the page Jurybedömd Utställning (Juried Exhibition)


“Scandinavian Cultural Tour ” is organized abroad when suitable exhibition space is available.
We will contact those artists who are eligible. Only then each one decides to participate.