Welcome to Romelegården

Romelegården is situated high on Romeleåsen with lovely air, babbling brooks and a private lake. All surrounded
by woodland and nature reserves.
Here is Romele Art Gallery where you can see art exhibitions during spring and autumn with artists especially from the Nordic countries. Just near the lake is a residential building and an annex located. It is for rent for short or long periods (now rented longterm).


Next exhibition:

Spring exhibition 10/4 – 19/4 2020. 45 artists, about 500 pieces of art.

Anheden Jaana/M,  Behrens Lena/K,  Bull Dave/M,  Clifford Lena/M,  Eylers  Susanna/K,  Engelin-Lindh Lisbeth/K,  Ericsson Göran/M,  Friberg Birgitta/M,  Fridén Lotten/M,  Fureby Kristina/S,  Gannerup Lassen Anneli/M,  Glemme Dagmar/G,  Granström Evelina/M,  Gyllander Carin/M, Gyllenspetz Ulf /M,  Görloff Lisbeth/M,  Hellberg Bo/S,  Horne Timo/M,  Hävre Louise/M,  I.  J. /M, Johansson Ulla Maria/ M,  Kjelldorff Nils-Eric/S,  Koch Dieter/M,  Linse Fredrika/M,  Larsson  Anders/T,  Larsson Magnus/M,  ”Leja” Lindén Jacobsson Lena/SM,  Lindén Leif I.R./M,  Lundberg San/K,  Lörd Kent/M,  Mauermann Lisbeth/M,  Mellander Ulf/M,  Nickels Anne/G,  Ohlsson Ann-Margaret/M,  Oldergaard Robert/G,  Olin-Ranstam Lisbet/TX,  Palmgren Fredrik/K,  Pozna Meding Judit/M,  Pålsson Els-Britt/M,  Rosic Mischa/M,  Sjöstrand Kay/K,  Wallin Frida/M,  Svantesson Vonna Y /M,  Sävström Anne-Lie/G och Österlind Per/M.



Group Exhibitions Romele Konsthall with different techniques:   BT= Mixed media (stone, iron, paper etc.)  F= Photo (photo, computer graphics etc.)   G= Glass  K = Pottery (stoneware, sculptures, appliances etc.)  M = Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphics, chalk etc.)   S = Silver (jewelry, silverware etc.)   SM= Metalwork   TX = Textile  T= (Wooden sculptures, painting on wood, furnitures etc)

Exhibitors info: Jurybedömd Utställning (Juried Exhibition)