Juried exhibition

Juried exhibition 2019-08-31 — 2019-09-08


Exhibitors info: Jurybedömd Utställning (Juried Exhibition)

5 artworks no older than 5 years must be submitted for assessment no later than 21nd of August 2019. The works will be exposed to maximum assigned surface ( see below). If you have larger art works you can apply with less works (min. 3). You do not need to be involved in any association. All techniques (paintings, crafts etc.) are allowed.

We do not use application-forms, but write a few lines about yourself and your creation. This is not presented in the assessment itself but is used by us as a basis for other exhibitions you might get offered to participate in. This is possible even if you not get drafted to the juried exhibition.

Directions to the art gallery:

Our exhibition hall is situated 30 km east of Malmö City. Drive to the small village DÖRRÖD. Situated along the road 102 between Veberöd and Skurup. Turn when you see the signs Romelegården and Konsthall.

What chance do I have to be drafted?

This varies from year to year. It is open for artists from the Nordic countries to participate. The exhibition is under the KRO ‘s rules and covers all techniques. For the 2018 juried exhibition 153 artists from the Nordic countries had submitted each five works for assessment. 73 artists were adopted to participate.

Jury and assessment fee:

With a qualified jury it will be a valuable qualification for those who have been selected. Certificates are issued. Past jury members has been Professor Georg Suttner artist KRO, the former Principal Royal Academy of Fine Arts; Helmer Lång, author; Professor Göran Hermerén KRO artist; Stig-Åke Stålnacke, art critic and writer; Professor Gertrud Sandqvist Malmö Art Academy, Jan Hemmel director and cultural journalist and the artist Kage Klang, chairman KRO – South.

Assessment fee is 295 SEK (235 DKK) and must be received no later than 21/8 at our bankgiro 270-5341 with Romelegården as recipient or cash in connection with the delivery of artworks to the art gallery 19/8 – 21/8 . Do not forget filling in the sender!


Delivery of artwork directly to Romele Konsthall:

Delivery takes place in the art gallery 19/8 – 21/8 17:00 to 20:00. It is possible sending a messenger. Delivery on another time can be agreed (fee100 SEK).
Romele Konsthall is situated along the main road 102 between Veberöd and Skurup. Turn at the sign Romelegården / Konsthall. Note that the number of submitted works must be 5 unless you have larger works (min. 3).  Exhibitors have to deal with insurance for their artworks at their own costs. No registration in advance is needed.

Photo of artwork by email or by letter:

We also accept 5 images of the artworks by email or letter. The image quality and image size should make the artwork look fair and the basis can be assessed by the jury without difficulty. Set the size W = width, and H = height of each work. If you get drafted the artworks should immediately be sent by mail or delivered in the art gallery 28/8 – 29/8 17:00 to 20:00 or latest 30/8 16:00 to 19:00.

E -MAIL: Send five images as attached jpg files. We prefer that pictures are less than 1Mb per image.
LETTER : Send five photos or prints. Stamped return envelope must be attached if the images are desired in return.

Artwork that arrive as packages:

If artwork arrive by post / shipping, there is a handling fee of 150 SEK for picking up / unpacking and placement. The same fee for packing and returning (excl. shipping fee) if the works are to be returned. The owner of the artwork is responsible for any insurance of their property.

What if I become drafted?

The artists that will be drafted by the jury shall participate in the “Juried exhibition 2019”. Romele Art Hall can accommodate about 45 painting artists and 25 with crafts. Each exhibitor is assigned to max. 2-4 pcs of surface. Width: 2.4 m x Height: 1.2 m or a maximum of 2-4 pc surface Width: 1.2 x Height: 2.4 m wall or 10-15 sqm floor area (crafts). Artists who applied with small works have the option to add more creations between 28/8 – 29/8 at the time 17.00 – 20.00 or latest 30/8 16.00 – 19.00.  Most people, especially those who live far away, participates with only those works that the jury made the assessment after. Remember that it is beneficial to participate with small works when you intend to send the works to minimize shipping costs. The participation fee for artists admitted to the juried exhibition is 700 SEK. Romelegårdens commission is 25% of all sales. Art associations, art clubs and exhibitors receive a 10% discount. The owner of the artwork is responsible for any insurance of their property. Romelegården is responsible for the staff during the exhibition and advertising in newspapers, mailings, posters, internet, invitation cards, etc.

What if I don’t get drafted?

The artworks are collected 26/8 – 27/8 11:00 – 13:00 and 17:00 – 19:00. If the artist is not able to collect, we can store the artworks for a monthly fee of 100 SEK. .

Can I pick up the artworks at another time?

If the artworks are not picked up during regular hours of opening, we can store the artworks (100 SEK per month started). Time has to be agreed when the artworks are picked up. The owners of the artworks are responsible for any insurance of their property.

For further information:

Contact us: Tel. 0732 51 20 45  (office in Abbekås )
E-mail: info@romelegarden.com
Post: Romelegården I Wallin, Kustvägen 114, 274 56  ABBEKÅS, SWEDEN
Exhibition hall (Konsthall): Dörröd 1042, 247 96  VEBERÖD,  SWEDEN (open only during exhibitions)

Art Exhibitions Romele Konsthall

Opening hours Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11-16 Wednesdays 16-19

Entrance 30 SEK for adults which includes art lottery ticket (children -15 years free). Drive to Dörröd, located on route 102 between Veberöd and Skurup. Turn off at the signs Romelegården / Konsthall. Search URL: Dörröd 1042.


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