Art Exhibitions Romele Konsthall

Next: Spring exhibition 10/4 – 19/4 2020. 45 artists, about 500 pieces of art.

Anheden Jaana/M,  Behrens Lena/K,  Bull Dave/M,  Clifford Lena/M,  Eylers  Susanna/K,  Engelin-Lindh Lisbeth/K,  Ericsson Göran/M,  Friberg Birgitta/M,  Fridén Lotten/M,  Fureby Kristina/S,  Gannerup Lassen Anneli/M,  Glemme Dagmar/G,  Granström Evelina/M,  Gyllander Carin/M, Gyllenspetz Ulf /M,  Görloff Lisbeth/M,  Hellberg Bo/S,  Horne Timo/M,  Hävre Louise/M,  I.  J. /M, Johansson Ulla Maria/ M,  Kjelldorff Nils-Eric/S,  Koch Dieter/M,  Linse Fredrika/M,  Larsson  Anders/T,  Larsson Magnus/M,  ”Leja” Lindén Jacobsson Lena/SM,  Lindén Leif I.R./M,  Lundberg San/K,  Lörd Kent/M,  Mauermann Lisbeth/M,  Mellander Ulf/M,  Nickels Anne/G,  Ohlsson Ann-Margaret/M,  Oldergaard Robert/G,  Olin-Ranstam Lisbet/TX,  Palmgren Fredrik/K,  Pozna Meding Judit/M,  Pålsson Els-Britt/M,  Rosic Mischa/M,  Sjöstrand Kay/K,  Wallin Frida/M,  Svantesson Vonna Y /M,  Sävström Anne-Lie/G och Österlind Per/M.

Group Exhibitions Romele Konsthall with different techniques:   BT= Mixed media (stone, iron, paper etc.)  F= Photo (photo, computer graphics etc.)   G= Glass
K = Pottery (stoneware, sculptures, appliances etc.)  M = Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphics, chalk etc.)   S = Silver (jewelry, silverware etc.)   SM= Metalwork  TX = Textile  T= (Wooden sculptures, painting on wood, furnitures etc)

Opening hours Saturday, Sunday and holidays 11-16 Wednesdays 16-19 during exhibitions (Sept 3 -11)

Entrance 30 SEK for adults which includes art lottery ticket (children -15 years free). Drive to Dörröd, located on route 102 between Veberöd and Skurup. Turn off at the sign Romelegården / Konsthall. Search URL: Dörröd 1042.

Spring exhibition 2020
10/4 -19/4





Juried exhibition 2020

29/8 – 6/9


Spring exhibition 2021
2/4 – 11/4



Do you want to exhibit?

Next exhibition is the Spring Exhibition 2020.

Interest inquiry:

We welcome expressions of interest for future exhibitions 2020.
Write a little about yourself and attach some photos of your
work. Send your inquiry to Romelegården, Dörröd 1042, 247 96 Veberöd, Sweden
or by email: info@romelegarden.com   You can attach some pictures as jpg files.
If you send or deliver artworks (3-5) for the juried exhibition no notification is needed
in advance, see the page Jurybedömd Utställning (Juried Exhibition)


“Scandinavian Cultural Tour ” is organized abroad when suitable exhibition space is available.
We will contact those artists who are eligible. Only then each one decides to participate.